Dog Sledding: The Iciest Eco-Tourism Sector

While dog sledding used to conjure up images of hardy huskies pulling sleds mushed by professionals across the Alaskan wilderness during the Iditarod, many now view it as simply a tourist attraction. Even farther back than the glory days of the “last great race on earth,” dog sledding took on an entirely different purpose. Early domesticated canines were used to pull sleds during hunting trips.

I’m from New York, and some quick research revealed dog sledding as close to home as Lake Placid. However, for the adventurous soul looking for an authentic Arctic experience, there is fantastic sledding to be had in places like Sweden and Greenland. One of the perks of sledding in Greenland is that the tours are often led by Inuit hunters who really know the land.

Dog sledding trips for travelers can range from one hour jaunts or multi-day excursions, during which you can expect to sleep in tents and hunt along the way to provide food for the team. But, whether you’re sledding on Lake Placid or in Lapland, you can expect to have a great time while getting to know your natural surroundings.




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