Baby Sea Turtle Salvation in Florida

When sea turtles hatch, they should be guided into the ocean by the moon, or light on the horizon. Nowadays, light pollution is driving sea turtles from their natural path, often into residential or commercial areas.

In Sarasota, Florida, one police officer was lucky enough to stumble upon several dozen hatchlings in the parking lot of the Lido Beach Resort while patrolling. The officer, Derek Conley, stopped traffic to put all of the baby turtles in a box. He then transported the turtles to the Gulf of Mexico for a safe release.

Although 3 hatchlings died before Officer Conley came to the rescue, he did manage to save 90-100 babies from almost certain doom.

Hatchlings in the Bay of Bengal

Hatchlings in the Bay of Bengal


8 thoughts on “Baby Sea Turtle Salvation in Florida

  1. I’d heard of light pollution in relation to many things, among them how birds, bats, and humans are affected. And–as with any such news–it’s odd to see how each example is treated as the whole news story for that moment, as though each fragment is not connected– when any instance is just an indication that EVERYTHING is affected; that’s how it works.
    Thank you for another well-put-together story to make us pay attention.

  2. This is such a sad story – not something I had ever heard of before so thanks for raising awareness. We could all learn something from that police officer’s actions.

  3. thumbs up to officer Conley! Its nice to hear of someone going out of their way to do the right thing. Do you know about the big beach cleanups, I think its twice a year? All around the world people get together and clean up their local beaches. Keeping track of all they gather for the scientist. I mostly hear of it through the Ocean Conservancy. They are involved in lots of areas of trying to help the oceans.

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