Aquifers Found in Kenya Have Great Potential

Aquifers are underground permeable rocks, gravel, silt, or sand that hold freshwater. Aquifers are found at varying depths, with those closest to the surface of the Earth getting more rainfall.

In the Turkana region of Kenya, the ground appears dry and unpromising. However, test drilling has revealed the presence of several large aquifers first spotted by UNESCO using satellite images and radar.  This technology was originally being used to locate oil underground.

These massive pools of freshwater are well needed. Turkana is extremely dry and was hit by a severe drought last year.  The hope is that the freshwater will become available in one month but regional violence may make it difficult for the water to reach the people of Kenya.

It is vital that this water be used sustainably. “Over exploitation” is a danger, but with responsible usage, this water could improve many lives.

Kenya Desert

Kenya Desert


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